WeemsPlath Facebook Profile Picture 90th Anniversary

Thanks to the continued loyalty and support demonstrated by our customers, distributors, vendors, and staff, we are honored to be celebrating our 90th Anniversary this year.

We take great pride in knowing that for 90 years, we have helped mariners and aviators around the globe to chart safe and memorable journeys or what our founder, Captain Philip V.H. Weems, would say were “voyages of discoveries.”

Since our company was founded in 1928, the world has seen the invention of the jet engine, radar, helicopter, hearing aid, smoke detector, internet, WiFi, and more.

Through so many advances and discoveries, we have remained committed to our company’s original mission: supplying the world with the finest nautical products and navigational instruments available while maintaining the highest standards of service.

As we look towards our next 90 years in business, we promise to continue our tradition of creating innovative, quality products so that future mariners and aviators may safely navigate their own voyages of discoveries in this ever changing world.

On behalf of all of us at Weems & Plath, thank you for helping us to continue our mission.
Group Photo Weems Plath 6-9-17

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At Weems & Plath, we take great pride in manufacturing time-tested nautical instruments for safe and enjoyable boating. Since 1928 we have successfully navigated the waters of changing times by keeping our customers at the forefront of thought. Our longevity is due to our commitment to you as we provide top quality products with exceptional warranties to back them up.

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