Logbook CompilationThis week’s blog is about Logbooks. Weems & Plath offers 4 versions: Cruising, Ship’s, Sportfishing, and Maintenance. From the titles, you can see there are different uses for these books. All are designed for recording information that is important for you to keep track of while on your boat.

We receive frequent inquiries about the page layout of these books. If you want to see sample pages, visit the product page for each log book on our website (www.weems-plath.com/products/logbooks-1) and click on the “Documents” tab to see sample layouts.

Here’s an example of what the pages look like for the Cruising Log:Cruising Log Example Page

Many people ask about the difference between the Cruising Log and the Ship’s Log. Simply stated, the Cruising Log is a trip log that is laid out with places to record departure and arrival ports, sea conditions, weather, events and places to remember, etc. Each trip is designated a single page.

Alternatively, I use the Ship’s Log aboard our boat, the Bee Weems. I like this log because it is very simply designed with lined pages where I can record any information I want. I use it as a journal for both day and overnight excursions, writing a few lines with information on the weather, the purpose of the trip, and any memorable activities including boat mechanical issues. I can fit multiple entries on a single page, so the book doesn’t fill up too quickly.

The front pages of each log book allow space to record important information that you might need to refer to regularly, like serial numbers, boat dimensions, equipment model numbers, technician contact numbers, etc. I refer frequently to the boat dimensions, particularly “vertical clearance,” in times when we are trying to judge if we can make it under a bridge without asking for an opening or so we can make quick decisions when necessary.

Our logbooks also include handy quick reference pages for radio procedures, float plans, rules of the road, and a recommended equipment check list.

I highly recommend forming the habit of keeping a record of your cruising activities. If nothing more, it serves as a great reminder of the fun times you’ve had on your boat and a handy reference when trying to recollect the names of marinas or favorite anchorages.

Once you have selected the right logbook for you, consider a cover to protect it and to make it look official. Weems & Plath carries two logbook cover styles: teak and leather (the latter is not actually leather, but is leather-like in a handsome navy blue with brass accents). Both logbook covers come with brass plates for customization.

Weems & Plath has offered an engraving service for many years and we have created many beautiful custom engraved plates with boat names, logos and boat silhouettes.

We even have the capability to print the cover plate image/text in color and can create all kinds of beautiful designs. Here are some examples:

Log Book Website Image

These logbooks make stunning commissioning gifts for the new boat owner.


Written by Cathie Trogdon

Posted by blognewsweemsplath

At Weems & Plath, we take great pride in manufacturing time-tested nautical instruments for safe and enjoyable boating. Since 1928 we have successfully navigated the waters of changing times by keeping our customers at the forefront of thought. Our longevity is due to our commitment to you as we provide top quality products with exceptional warranties to back them up.

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