While Weems & Plath has its roots in air and sea navigation, our products are used in and for other activities. A perfect example is binoculars: you don’t have to be a yachtsman to need them.


BN10 Weems Sport Binoculars

At least one of the “Weemily” (our term for our close-knit family of employees) is an avid outdoors person and keeps her BN-10 Weems Sport Binoculars handy for those last-minute trips to area wildlife refuges to check out the ever-changing bird population and other wildlife. This particular set of binoculars is light and easy to focus, making them perfect for this sort of thing, sports events and such.

Most recently, she visited Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge at the mouth of the Chester River near Rock Hall, Maryland. It’s a good two-hour drive from Annapolis, driving around the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay. If you’re fortunate enough to have one, it’s a quick boat ride across the Bay from Annapolis.


Great Blue Heron

This time of year (late Fall) the refuge is alive with migrating waterfowl of all species as they make their journey south to their breeding grounds. The songbirds have likely headed south by now, as their peak migration period is late September to October. And the once-threatened Bald Eagle, which we see more and more of here on the Chesapeake (and they are some sight to see in person!), will begin to establish territories and build their nests.

With the Chesapeake Bay as our back yard, we are fortunate to have many wildlife refuges and parks available for a short family day trip. If you have a refuge or park that you frequent, please share with us – photos too!

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Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge

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At Weems & Plath, we take great pride in manufacturing time-tested nautical instruments for safe and enjoyable boating. Since 1928 we have successfully navigated the waters of changing times by keeping our customers at the forefront of thought. Our longevity is due to our commitment to you as we provide top quality products with exceptional warranties to back them up.

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