Having to pull another pencil out of the office supply cabinet wouldn’t normally be a big deal EXCEPT here at Weems & Plath.

mechanical pencil safeOur Navigator’s Mechanical Pencil is THE most coveted possession of our employees. Everyone – no exceptions – decides they MUST have one after a “test drive.” And when someone borrows yours… let’s just say it needs to be returned to its owner promptly to keep peace in the Weemily.

What makes this ordinary staple of office supplies so special? Pretty much everything!  The 0.7 mm lead is the perfect size – it doesn’t drag on the paper and is easy to read. It’s also a bit more forgiving than normal pencil lead, so it doesn’t break frequently. And extra lead can be stored inside the pencil – how great is that?!

1141(h)_And, for those of us who aren’t perfect, the super soft, superfine white eraser makes corrections without marking or tearing the paper. No one will ever know you made an error!  Best of all, there are ERASER REFILLS! What a concept!

made in the usa stickerThese mechanical pencils are custom-made in the USA for Weems & Plath and come with a lifetime warranty (sorry to say the warranty doesn’t cover loss or pilfering by a co-worker; you’re on your own there).

Written by Debbie Toy

Posted by blognewsweemsplath

At Weems & Plath, we take great pride in manufacturing time-tested nautical instruments for safe and enjoyable boating. Since 1928 we have successfully navigated the waters of changing times by keeping our customers at the forefront of thought. Our longevity is due to our commitment to you as we provide top quality products with exceptional warranties to back them up.

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