Yacht Lamp 700SS LifestyleWeems & Plath has been manufacturing the amazing Yacht Lamp for decades, with few changes made since Sir Humphry Davy first introduced the life-saving lamp in 1815 for miners to use while underground.

This important safety device not only provides light and heat, it is also the safest lamp you can have aboard. Our lamp incorporates Davy’s knowledge that small holes, such as those in a mesh, allow air to pass to the flame, while arresting other firedamp gasses outside, which would have otherwise resulted in an explosion.

With this in mind, the Weems & Plath Yacht Lamp features an enclosed screen inside the built-in smoke bell, small holes in the frame and a glass enclosed flame area. Our lamp is strong enough to stay lit during hurricane force winds, safe enough for outdoor activities such as camping and yet, elegant enough for ambient lighting while entertaining in coastal retreats and log cabins.

FUN FACT: The Olympic flame is safely transported
in airplanes using a Yacht Lamp!



Click here to read more about how the Olympic flame travels.

Written by Patricia Darnell, North American Territory Manager

Posted by blognewsweemsplath

At Weems & Plath, we take great pride in manufacturing time-tested nautical instruments for safe and enjoyable boating. Since 1928 we have successfully navigated the waters of changing times by keeping our customers at the forefront of thought. Our longevity is due to our commitment to you as we provide top quality products with exceptional warranties to back them up.

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